arts+design#6 in Tours on November 27, 2022

Thursday, November 24th 2022
The emotion of a dancing model by Calder that has been carefully preserved for 50 years;
The grain of the parchment covering a Bugatti seat hat you stroke with the palm of your hand;
The luminous darkness of a Picasso engraving - a forerunner of his famous Guernica - which was gifted to his photographer friend David Douglas Duncan;
The white and black cheerfulness of an enameled lamp by Jouve;
The quiet serenity of paintings that were kept on the shores of the Mediterranean sea;
The electric blue depiction of one of the most extravagant Parisian houses by Dufy;
The furniture crafted by Jeanneret for an Indian city;
The curiosity of an art enthusiast who positioned his "Anti Gallery" in front of the Pompidou Center;
The seats made by Perriand for a philosophy professor;
The tribute of street-artist Mr. Brainwash to the undisputed master of the 20th Century;
The intense pink of a Debré square;
Or the brilliant drawings of Reynaud, a tutelary figure of Outsider Art…

… all of them hold promises of discoveries and shared excitement for this sixth arts+design auction once again held under the aluminum sheds of Mame, one of the finest specimen of contemporary architecture to be found in the Loire Valley.

In the heart of this modern cathedral designed by Jean Prouvé, our hammer will happily resonate with gratitude for the trust of all the men and women who turn this arts+design auction into one of the most awaited art events of the season.

Let the party begin!

Aymeric Rouillac
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