Precious elements of the family decor.

Armand Albert Rateau (1882-1938) is one of the greatest designer, carpenter-decorator, and architect from the first part of the XXe century. New graduated from Ecole Boulle, he works with old master, Hoentschel, then Alavoine place, where he was a part of prestigious projects. After the First World War, he started his first workshops and won the most luxurious orders of the European and American elites.The designer Jeanne Lanvinin Paris, the duchess d’Albe in Madrid or the collectors couple Blumenthal in New-York, put their interiors in the care of Rateau and recommended to their friends this talented man. He won many distinctions with le Pavillon de l'Élégance during the international exhibition of Arts Décoratifs in 1925. At the end of this decade, his workshop counts 212 workers and artisans, among the best of each discipline.

While the Art Deco style prevails across the world, the economic crisis of 1930th shook orders rhythm up. So, he renovates a splendid private mansion on the quay Conti, where he settles his family and workshops in. He used this place as reception area and presentation for his customers. He passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage, just before the Second World War.

The most luxurious furniture in bronze from Rateau, are already retained in public and private collections across the world. His wood furniture’s stock and his workshop burnt tragically after his death, in 1952.

The collection that we will disperse in Cheverny in 2014, comes directly from Rateau family, precisely from his oldest son estate, François Rateau, who had devoted to his dad a great book  "Armand Albert Rateau: un baroque chez les modernes" (éditions de l’Amateur, Paris, 1992). Precious elements of the family decor, of his personnal collection. Many objects are illustrated in this book, from him or other creators and friends.

The collection presented offers not only the bestof the pedigrees, but also constitutes a unique occasion to get closer to an Art Déco giant.

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