Jean MARTIN-ROCH (1905 -1991)

Born in Aix-en-Provence, coming from a modest family, rapidly he was tempted by artistic environment. Autodidact, observant, he spent time through museums. Their journeys around Mediterranean and Argentina have shaped his taste for architecture, sculpture, as painting. 
Arbus’ friend, oscillating between his Provence, London and Paris – Tall stature, singular clothing appearance, he is introduced in the artistic and intellectual sphere between the two wars in Montparnasse ; he mixes with the major figures. Main archeology acquisitions among famous art merchants come from this period.

Tried by the war, he has collaborated with Arbus for a lighthouses construction off the coast of Marseille, then for liners decoration. But it’s especially the purchase in 1951 of the domaine de Pierredon, in massif des Alpilles heart, an old style chalaisienne abbey, which has orientated his life, his work.

For Martin-Roch, his vast and authentic house has fed his collector, painter soul. The next 10 works delivered to Cheverny by his son, has been chosen with tidiness.They guaranteed his tastes as his vast culture.

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