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Rare polychrome beaker depicting the symbols of the barber.  Highlighted in gold leaves.  Frieze decorated with acanthus leaves and rosettes.  We can also appreciate Asclepius’s snake, a mortar and the coat of arms of France. The base is ornamented with various stylized flowers and the talon is decorated with sea monsters colored in red.

SAINT-CLOUD, tender porcelain.

Beginnings of the 18th century, circa 1700-1710.


Height: 3 inches. Diameter: 3.1 inches.

Provenance: Château in the Blois region.

The presence of the coat of arms of France leads us to think of a royal provenance, possibly Louis XIV.

Only one other piece similar to this one is known, and it is conserved at the Musée de Sèvres, and illustrated in “Les porcelainiers du XVIIIè siècle francais”.

H.P. Fourest considered this model as the most ancient witness of the attempts to gild by steamping in the factory of Saint-Cloud.

It holds a certificate to exit the French territory.




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